Are you Ready to Harness the Power of the 

Non-Ordinary to Discover and Live your 

Soul Purpose?


Are you a professional, healer or therapist who feels stuck in your personal life or professional career?  Are you curious about or have you started to explore non-ordinary states such as breathwork, meditation, trance-dance or plant medicines? 


"Hi! My name is Jane and my magic is helping others connect to the power of the non-ordinary for healing and living in alignment with their purpose ." 

I know how easy it is to feel frustrated, burnt out, or disconnected from your life and work, even if you started with the best of intentions. You've probably done it all—talk therapy, somatic work, EFT, hypnotherapy, IFS, and now maybe even psychedelic therapy - trying to get unstuck or find that one last piece of the puzzle.


Or perhaps you're excited about some of the changes you are experiencing but are stymied trying to find your tribe so you can complete your inner work with others who get you! 


As a professional therapist, I know how it feels to have come so far and still not have found that authentic place that is deeply fulfilled.  I know how it feels to be so close, but not quite there, to have done so much inner work, but still feel like something is missing, to have been helping others but not breaking through some of my own gnarly places.



I know because I've been there.


That is why I created Developing Your Soul Seed.


After years of working on my own recovery and abandonment trauma and helping multitudes of clients heal symptoms of PTSD and addictions, I was burnt out, feeling like it was just too hard, too heavy, and too slow. I wanted to work on me! And I wanted my work to feel juicy and alive again.  I needed a change, and I needed it NOW!


That was when the shift happened. 


I switched gears and took a stand for inspiration and passion and decided to get off the therapeutic treadmill. I decided to help others do the same thing I did: stop talking about what is not working and finally start living.  I decided to put myself out there and follow a different path. . . my soul path.


Before that moment, I hadn't realized that what I needed was to get quiet, listen deeply to that small voice that is whispering all the time (if we'd only listen), and then follow its inspiration.


That day, I listened.

I had an inspiration and I took a risk.


I created this program. And it changed my life.


  Developing your Soul Seed

Developing Your Soul Seed is a program that helps you step into alignment with your true purpose and calling. It consists of a series of modules (aka classes), which you can take in any order.  The modules cover a variety of topics--each with a special focus--aimed to facilitate your awakening into your true nature.  During our time together--and with the help of non-ordinary states--you will take an important step in that direction. 


You will learn to. . . 

  • Activate and embody your soul purpose 
  • Access your innate creative intelligence 
  • Clear personal and collective trauma patterns
  • Transmute the density that blocks your radiance
  • Retrieve lost soul parts
  • Activate latent gifts and capacities
  • Manifest your soul's desires
  • Use non-ordinary states, dreamwork, nature-work, ritual and ceremony to support your evolution 

Embodying Vision

Begins Fall 2024 and runs 5 weeks



  1. The first module, Embodying Vision, is designed to help you shift out of a small and limited perception of yourself so that you can access a larger vision for your life.    
In this module, you will learn. . . 
  • how to access your creative intelligence and the wisdom of your heart to allow a vision of your soul path to emerge from deep within;
  • powerful tools for activating this vision in your life so that you can focus on what is most important and discard the rest;
  • the brain science behind manifesting and how to navigate your brain for success;
  • why fear is your friend and how to harness its power to work for you, not against you; 
  • how to distinguish the voice of your soul from the other voices in your head in order to hear your true self and follow your soul’s path.

When you have completed this module, you will be eligible to participate in upcoming Classes that go into greater depth on topics such as healing abandonment wounding, working with attachment styles, and regulating the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).  You will learn how to use modalities such as Internal Family Systems (IFS), shamanic soul retrieval and travel to other dimensions to gain greater and wider perspectives on issues you are grappling with in your life.
A great deal of time is spent on teaching you the fundamentals of preparation and integration of non-ordinary states of consciousness, which give us access to levels of information we would not otherwise have.
VIRTUAL RETREATS teach you how to work with nature, ceremony & dreamwork in combination with low-dose psychedelic medicines that are legal in your area.  You will have access to a community of like-minded people who are doing their work along side of you.     

Class Format


Online Content. Embodying Vision consists of five weeks of material, including pre-recorded lessons and required and recommended reading material. These will be available online before each week’s meetings. This content will remain online even after the program ends so that you can apply and practice the concepts in your life as you change and grow.


Weekly Group Meetings. During these live, online meetings with Jane and co-teachers, we'll bring you into deeper relationship with the online content so that you are learning not just on your own but in community where you can witness and learn from others’ experiences.


Virtual Retreats. One online intensive weekend gives you experience utilizing non-ordinary states. These experiential virtual retreats offer opportunities for learning in alignment with your own inner guidance. You can practice what you are learning in the class, apply them to your personal life, while having the support of a virtual community. 


Mentor Groups.  Depending on the size of your Cohort, you may have the option to join a small group facilitated by previous students who are now volunteering as mentors. In these groups, you have an opportunity to make more intimate connections with others who are learning and practicing these skills. 


And More. You will have many opportunities to feel a sense of belonging to a tribe of like-mined people and make friends for life. (Prior students tell me the community is one of the best things about this program.)

Next Module Starts Fall, 2024

New students must submit an application to be considered for this program.


Please submit applications for the 2024 program here

(If you’ve submitted an application and have not heard back from us within 24 hours, please email [email protected] letting us know.  Sometimes the application form doesn’t come through.  Thank you)

NOTE: Returning students DO NOT need to submit an application again! Let me know you wish to register and I will send you the discounted link.